The Deadly Dames at the Bookcrossing Event

The invitation for us to do a talk at the Bookcrossing Event was a total surprise. It came about in what I can only call a happy chain of coincidences. Nicola Slade, a brilliant crime writer and fellow Dame had given a talk for Bookcrosser and librarian, Lynne Moores at Abingdon Library earlier in the year. Whilst there she happened to mention to Lynne that she was one of the Deadly Dames.

A few months later we were astonished and delighted to receive an invitation for us to attend the annual Bookcrossing event at St. Hilda’s College Oxford.

It was with some trepidation that we arrived on Saturday the 11th of April. We had been told that the audience would be international and that there would be roughly two hundred Bookcrossing members there, so we were feeling rather nervous. However, our fears were groundless. We were given a very warm welcome by Janice Markey and her team, along with all of the Bookcrossing members.

Everyone was very friendly and the books that they had on sale were in languages from all over the world. It made for a very interesting day.
It was with some reluctance that we returned home, but we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that the Bookcrossers had really enjoyed our talk, and the sincere hope that they will ask us to return again next year.

—Eileen Robertson (one of the Deadly Dames)

The Deadly Dames at the Bookcrossing Conference (Eileen is second from right)

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