Romantic Novelists’ Conference

Eileen recently appeared as one of the Deadly Dames at the Romantic Novelists’ Conference. She writes,

“Although we were looking forward to our visit at the Romantic Novelists’ Conference, we, as the Deadly Dames and writers from the dark side, wondered whether romantic novelists would really be interested in what we had to say, but of course our doubts were groundless. We were greeted warmly on our arrival, and without exception everyone was friendly and helpful.
Even before we took the stage we each found ourselves deep in conversation with members who were interested in our genre and it was encourging to see people in the audience taking notes during our discussion. During the lively question and answer session that followed we were happy to explore the ways in which crime, romance and relationships are inextricably combined.
After our talk, it was gratifying to learn that our discussion had inspired writers, one of whom expressed the general feeling when she said she had been apprehensive about changing genre but realised from our comments that, as always, everything is led by characters.”

Eileen (second from the right), with other Deadly Dames at the Romantic Novelists' Conference, 2015.

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