Sins of the Past

Cover image for Sins of the PastThis is the retitled Blackmail for Improvers, the sequel to Blackmail for Beginners.

Cynthia Roberts, a former resident of Fawdon, has just returned to her home village to set up her own private investigation agency. At first all seems well in the seemingly picture-perfect village, but it’s not long before Cynthia is over run with clients all claiming to be victims of brutal blackmail. But what connects the victims, other than the fact that they all live in the same place?

As Cynthia investigates, she soon realises that the residents of Fawdon all have dark secrets buried deep within their past. After one of her clients is physically attacked and another is subject to a terrifying case of vandalism, Cynthia realises that she must act fast if she wants to stay one step ahead of this heartless criminal. Tensions reach boiling point and she starts to question whether there’s more than one blackmailer at work.

Can she find the people responsible before the village that she has grown to love is ripped apart by a mass of lies and deceit? But the real question is can we ever truly escape our past? Or will our sins always come back to haunt us? Sins of the Past is a gripping mystery novel, set in a quintessentially English village, which is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

‘A griping page-turner.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill.

Published October 2015. 196 pages (estimated).
Available from kindle | paperback

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