Praise for Sins of the Past

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Praise for Sins of the Past

Fresh from her triumphant sleuthing in ‘Blackmail for Beginners’ Miss Laura Windle is once more on the case in ‘Sins of the Past.’
Eileen Robertson’s cracking new novel is tense, tearful and rich in humour.
‘Sins of the Past’ establishes Miss Windle in the pantheon of female detectives.
–Julia Bryant, Saga writer.

Eileen Robertson’s retro–mystery, ‘Sins of the Past’ inhabits a land far away from social media, techno-communications and the rule of sound bite.
It is a ‘Cosy’ with a dark undercurrent – a story that spools out as casually as a fishing line in a trout stream, until it hooks you.
Laura Windle is a protagonist in search of the truth, but truth here is multi-layered and rarely what it seems.
Warmth, humour and a wry nod to English eccentricity, place ‘Sins of the Past’ firmly in the heart of trusted crime writing.
A great read.
–Pat O’ Keeffe, Crime writer.

Suspicion runs rife in a quiet Yorkshire village when anonymous letters begin to arrive and a blackmailer means business. Can anyone be trusted?
Friends and neighbours shiver behind closed doors until, in a tense conclusion at a memorable dinner party, Eileen Robertson skilfully draws together the tangled threads in this traditional English village mystery.
—Nicola Slade, Crime writer.

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