Praise for Sins of the Past

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Praise for Sins of the Past

Fresh from her triumphant sleuthing in ‘Blackmail for Beginners’ Miss Laura Windle is once more on the case in ‘Sins of the Past.’
Eileen Robertson’s cracking new novel is tense, tearful and rich in humour.
‘Sins of the Past’ establishes Miss Windle in the pantheon of female detectives.
–Julia Bryant, Saga writer.

Eileen Robertson’s retro–mystery, ‘Sins of the Past’ inhabits a land far away from social media, techno-communications and the rule of sound bite.
It is a ‘Cosy’ with a dark undercurrent – a story that spools out as casually as a fishing line in a trout stream, until it hooks you.
Laura Windle is a protagonist in search of the truth, but truth here is multi-layered and rarely what it seems.
Warmth, humour and a wry nod to English eccentricity, place ‘Sins of the Past’ firmly in the heart of trusted crime writing.
A great read.
–Pat O’ Keeffe, Crime writer.

Suspicion runs rife in a quiet Yorkshire village when anonymous letters begin to arrive and a blackmailer means business. Can anyone be trusted?
Friends and neighbours shiver behind closed doors until, in a tense conclusion at a memorable dinner party, Eileen Robertson skilfully draws together the tangled threads in this traditional English village mystery.
—Nicola Slade, Crime writer.

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Sins of the Past

Cover image for Sins of the PastThis is the retitled Blackmail for Improvers, the sequel to Blackmail for Beginners.

Cynthia Roberts, a former resident of Fawdon, has just returned to her home village to set up her own private investigation agency. At first all seems well in the seemingly picture-perfect village, but it’s not long before Cynthia is over run with clients all claiming to be victims of brutal blackmail. But what connects the victims, other than the fact that they all live in the same place?

As Cynthia investigates, she soon realises that the residents of Fawdon all have dark secrets buried deep within their past. After one of her clients is physically attacked and another is subject to a terrifying case of vandalism, Cynthia realises that she must act fast if she wants to stay one step ahead of this heartless criminal. Tensions reach boiling point and she starts to question whether there’s more than one blackmailer at work.

Can she find the people responsible before the village that she has grown to love is ripped apart by a mass of lies and deceit? But the real question is can we ever truly escape our past? Or will our sins always come back to haunt us? Sins of the Past is a gripping mystery novel, set in a quintessentially English village, which is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

‘A griping page-turner.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill.

Published October 2015. 196 pages (estimated).
Available from kindle | paperback

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Romantic Novelists’ Conference

Eileen recently appeared as one of the Deadly Dames at the Romantic Novelists’ Conference. She writes,

“Although we were looking forward to our visit at the Romantic Novelists’ Conference, we, as the Deadly Dames and writers from the dark side, wondered whether romantic novelists would really be interested in what we had to say, but of course our doubts were groundless. We were greeted warmly on our arrival, and without exception everyone was friendly and helpful.
Even before we took the stage we each found ourselves deep in conversation with members who were interested in our genre and it was encourging to see people in the audience taking notes during our discussion. During the lively question and answer session that followed we were happy to explore the ways in which crime, romance and relationships are inextricably combined.
After our talk, it was gratifying to learn that our discussion had inspired writers, one of whom expressed the general feeling when she said she had been apprehensive about changing genre but realised from our comments that, as always, everything is led by characters.”

Eileen (second from the right), with other Deadly Dames at the Romantic Novelists' Conference, 2015.

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Deadly Dames in Suspense Magazine!

The Deadly Dames have been interviewed by Suspense Magazine, and feature in the May 2015 issue. Click on the image to enlarge it, or download the article here.

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The Deadly Dames at the Bookcrossing Event

The invitation for us to do a talk at the Bookcrossing Event was a total surprise. It came about in what I can only call a happy chain of coincidences. Nicola Slade, a brilliant crime writer and fellow Dame had given a talk for Bookcrosser and librarian, Lynne Moores at Abingdon Library earlier in the year. Whilst there she happened to mention to Lynne that she was one of the Deadly Dames.

A few months later we were astonished and delighted to receive an invitation for us to attend the annual Bookcrossing event at St. Hilda’s College Oxford.

It was with some trepidation that we arrived on Saturday the 11th of April. We had been told that the audience would be international and that there would be roughly two hundred Bookcrossing members there, so we were feeling rather nervous. However, our fears were groundless. We were given a very warm welcome by Janice Markey and her team, along with all of the Bookcrossing members.

Everyone was very friendly and the books that they had on sale were in languages from all over the world. It made for a very interesting day.
It was with some reluctance that we returned home, but we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that the Bookcrossers had really enjoyed our talk, and the sincere hope that they will ask us to return again next year.

—Eileen Robertson (one of the Deadly Dames)

The Deadly Dames at the Bookcrossing Conference (Eileen is second from right)

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Dunford Conference

Eileen and Wendy Metcalfe, Chair of Havant Writers, enjoying their lunch at the Dunford Conference

Eileen and Wendy Metcalfe, Chair of Havant Writers, enjoying their lunch at the recent Dunford Conference

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Deadly Dames at Havant Literary Festival, 8th Oct 2014

The dames are, from left to right, Eileen Robertson, Charlie Cochrane , our guest dame, best selling author, Peter Lovesey, Joan Moules, and Carol Westron. We fielded some interesting questions from a lively audience and an entertaining day was had by all at Havant Library.

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Recent Appearances

Eileen has recently appeared at Sleuthfest in Florida, and with the Deadly Dames in Penzance.

Eileen (second from left) at Florida Sleuthfest. Seated with her are fellow mystery writers, Sandra Balzo, Peggy Hanson and Neil Plakcy. The subject of discussion here was 'Cracking Discoverability.'

This photo of the Deadly Dames is from the Penzance Literary Festival where they received a very warm welcome from the Penzance people. Eileen says, "It was great just being there."

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Harlequin of California Interview

Back in January 2014, Harlequin of California approached Eileen, and asked to interview her for their ezine, talking about her latest look We’ll be Watching You. This interview can now be read here!

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We Will Be Watching You

Now available!
For more information, and for links to order a copy, see the “We Will be Watching You” page!

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We’ll Be Watching You

The paperback edition of We’ll be watching You will be available in March. You can pre-order directly from the Harlequin website.

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We’ll be Watching You

We are delighted to announce the publication of Eileen’s new book, We’ll be Watching You. Please see the this page for more information and links to amazon.

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We’ll be Watching You

We are delighted to announce that Eileen’s next book, We’ll be Watching You, will be out in August 2013. It will be published in the United Kingdom by Robert Hale Ltd, and elsewhere by The book will be available through Amazon UK, and all public libraries.

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Winchester Writers’ Conference 2013

Once again, Eileen will be appearing at the Winchester Writers’ Conference, both as one of the speakers, and offering advice to would-be crime writers. See the Winchester Writers’ Conference website for more information.

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The Deadly Dames

Eileen is now part of The Deadly Dames, a group of crime writers. Their next appearance is at Windsor Central Library on the 15th of March, as part of the Festival of Crime Writing 2013. Look out for more appearances from The Deadly Dames later in 2013!

The Deadly Dames are also available for talks. Please contact Eileen for more information.

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